Top 5 After Work Bars in Delhi

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Nothing beats the pleasure of sitting with friends in a pub over a mug of beer when the day ends. The contemporary work culture is bound to make people feel jeopardized and weak. The heavy workload and the added pressure makes people lose their mind and start getting irritated. There’s actually nothing that can be done to decrease the workload or the unwanted pressure but the irritation can be controlled. People can always traverse through options and do something that helps them in keeping their anger and frustration under control.

At the end of the day, you need not to worry about how the day was and how things went wrong. You need to take a deep breath and speculate, what else can be done now to make it better. You will have to count the opportunities and go with the one that suits you the most.

A mug of beer or the exquisite cocktail shots will definitely help you get over the innocuous tension of work. A lot of people will say visiting a bar on regular basis will dig into our pockets and will destroy the fabric of our monthly budget, this is outrageous, one can always save a lot of money on drinks if they work smartly. If you are looking forward to save money on every drink you buy then you need to start using RepubliqIn the most amazing mobile application. With the help of this app you can find cheapest pub or bar in your city and you can share location with your friends and ensure that they are there with you for the party.

Here is a list of Top 5 After work bars in Delhi; all of these bars serve you with a great ambience to enjoy your companionship after a hectic day at work:

Sam’s Café, Paharganj

Surely one of the best bars in Delhi, this place has an exquisite texture attached to it. The simple and sober decoration at the bar is going to enamor you and leave you spellbound. The bar with a choice, one can sit inside and enjoy cozy atmosphere or they can sit outside with the friends and make the most of their time.
The perfect location of this place says a lot about what it represents. Situated in the congested area of Paharganj, this bar is like a refugee camp. All the working class people come here to party once they are done with their jobs. The atmosphere is always cool and funny because everyone tries to keep it light and not serious.

4S Chinese Restaurant, Defense Colony Market

This place is a mood freshener. This Chinese Restaurant with an overloaded bar is the best example of blessing in disguise. It beats the taboo and serves you with an experience like never before. A lot of crowd coming here loves this place because of the amazing atmosphere and the electric ambience.
It is cheap and it is worth it. If you are looking forward to have a good time with your friends or if you are interested in winning the heart of your crush then this place is going to work like a catalyst and will accelerate your affairs.
Located at a strategic destination this pub is easily accessible from all parts of the Delhi.

Urban Hub, Kamla Market

Urban Hub represents the modern lifestyle. It tells you an exquisite tale of love, friendship and alcohol. Alcohol flows here like water and allows everyone to take a dip and grow immortal. The lovely interior and the amazing crowd here will inspire you to rise from your seat and show some move. Urban Hub is quite affordable and hardly digs into your pocket. This place is just perfect for having fun with friends and loved ones at the end of the day. The sweet alcohol and the food served here take you into a different world and satisfy your soul.

1 Oak Café and Bar, Defense Colony

The first time you will come here, you will be amazed with the picturesque interior and the classic simplification. It was really difficult for us to realize that one such place also exists in Delhi. Situated at the prime location in Defense Colony, this bar is probably one of the best nightclubs cum bar in Delhi. We have been totally impressed with this bar and we recommend every person in Delhi, who drinks, to pay a visit to this bar. The exquisite ambrosia they serve here and the cool drinks that you can let your hands on are going to make your evenings fun and entertaining. The plus point of this bar is that it is quite cheap, you do not need to shed a lot of Dollars in order to get yourself the much loved drink of yours.

Aroma Rest O Bar, Karkardooma

This is the best bar in Delhi if you are looking forward to beat the blue and have a good time with your friends. This bar serves you with an experience you can refer to as cheap and memorable. The sweet ambrosia and the picturesque interior will work on your mind and will help you leave the work pressure behind! Cheap booze is probably the Unique Selling Proportion of this cool bar. Located at the heart of Karkardooma, this place is easily accessible and on the radar of almost every auto and cab drivers.

RepubliqIn has also listed this bar as one of the cheapest nightclubs in Delhi. The cool ratings and positive feedback has helped this bar climb the ladders and be everyone’s favorite. So, here it is and it is time for people to change their priorities with the changing times. The paradigm shift is the only way of beating blues and living a life you always wanted to live. The simple idea of going out with friends and enjoying a mug of beer will help you achieve the most desired work, life balance. Do not forget to checkout the cheapest pubs and bars on RepubliqIn app before booking a table for you.



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