10 Best Bars for Singles in Delhi

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Being single is surely not about being sad! It is more about going out and discovering you. People need to break the stereotyped image that all singles are desperate and are looking for opportunities to get committed. Being single is fun only if you how to keep yourself happy. Being single is about living the independently and without compromising on your happiness.

While notions have started changing and stereotyped images are being broken, we tell you how to celebrate your good single days. You can always go out with friends and enjoy the quality time without being coaxed by your partner to leave or come home soon. Being single is about being spontaneous. It is more about living in the moment and not thinking about anyone else.

Here we bring to you best ten bars for Singles in Delhi:

Capitol, The Ashok: Huge energetic crowd here will make your heart go crazy. You will be looking forward to lose all the inhibitions and enjoy to the best of your capability. There’s no place better than this to celebrate your singlehood. Land here with the best of friends and enjoy access to the best of food, alcohol and ambience.

A State of Music, Radisson Blue: Music, Alcohol and great Food, you can find all these party enhancers at this one place.  A State of Music is the place for you and your group of friends if you guys love to groove on peppy music. The exquisite food will make your evening better. You can taste the best of food, enjoy the purest alcohol and dance like never before. Radisson Blu brings to you an experience you can treasure in your hearts.

Privee-Night Clubs: Singles who are looking forward to a beautiful person in their lives can come here and try their luck. This is one place frequented by Singles like no other place. If you are lucky enough then you will get hooked or you can sit with your friends and celebrate your independence. This place has everything to offer. You can enjoy the platters, pints and also the best of music.

Add a bit of charm to your evenings and relive the good old days like never before.

Lap-Hotel Samrat: The cozy interior will make you long for a partner but if you got friends by your side then you can enjoy the lustrous nature of this place. The classic interior inspires you to have fun and make memories that will last for a lifetime. You can always beat the blues by coming here.

The excellent menu here allows you to discover your favorite dishes; you can dodge the grumpy ole items and try something that will make you feel refreshed.

Agni-Night Clubs: All you single boys and girls in the city this is the perfect place to celebrate your independence. No more boring outings come to this place and experience a new level of excitement and fun. Rock the bar with your best friends and create memories you can cherish lifelong. The experience this place serves with is unbeatable and incomparable. They aim to serve value for money hence you will find things here to be cheaper and easy on your pocket.

Zodiac: For everyone who is too much into alcohol and bars; this place is straight out of a Bollywood item number. The bar desk that is set on fire and the bar tender serving drinks in the best of style will make you a fan of this place. You will never be able to say No to this place. All singles come here looking for the best of partners; some of them have been lucky while the rest have enjoyed access to the best of alcohol.

Hall of Fame: The ambience, service and the experience go perfectly with the classic name. Come here and you can express yourself better. This place is for everyone who loves to party, have good time and enjoy to the best of their capability. You can always depend on your friends and colleagues to help you trace your way back but till the time you are in the house you can be careless.

Stellar: With a DJ trying to make your evening happier you can dare to be carefree. Good food, classic alcohol and an unbeatable musical will make you remember this evening for a lifetime. Stellar is for everyone who loves to parry and hangout with friends. Beat the blues and have a good time this weekend. Go ahead and live a life you always wanted to live. Enjoy the best of your single days and be happy about it. Life is to be rejoiced, do not spend it working all day long. Enjoy each and every moment.

I-Kandy: Here is your chance of enjoying a party they show in movies and TV shows. You can enjoy a star-studded night at this place and create some memories that will make you smile over the time. This is one of those few places where you can enjoy access to the best of food, alcohol and music all at the same time. The change is important hence you should start going out more often with your friends and enjoy the best times of your life.

F Bar and Lounge: One of the best places in Delhi to hangout with your single friends. The eye-numbing interior and the exquisite range of alcohol served here will make you fall in love. You can celebrate birthdays or enjoy the best evenings of your life here without spending a lot. Take the chances and never be shy on expressing yourself better.

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