Top 5 Bars for Boys Night Out in Delhi

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Beating the blues, coming together with friends and enjoying the best night of your life is no more a luxury but a necessity. The obnoxious work style and the innocuous judgmental attitude of people working around us have put us in a spot where we need to break the monotony. Breaking the monotony and doing things that makes us happy is the only way of leading a pressure free life.

The simple idea of meeting friends and enjoying a mug of beer can change the course of your life for better. One can always go back home with a fresh mood and look forward to the day. Not meeting friends and enjoying good times can put people in a position from where they can experience stress and undergo depression.

Here we bring to you a list of top 5 bars for guys’ night out in Delhi, all these places are happening and serve with a not to forget experience. You can be here with friends, cousins or colleagues, the simple idea with which these bars function is to provide people with an option to have good time.

Kitty Su, The Lalit Hotel

A place that has hosted the most prestigious of electronic bands;Kitty Su is for everyone who loves music and is an arduous fan of flowing alcohol. You can always go there and enjoy the best night of your life. Boys together can relive the moment of young age and feel good again. Kitty Su on the other hand tries everything to make your day special. Kitty Su stands strong on hospitality and ensures blaring music that will satisfy your soul.

The exquisite interior adds up to mood and helps you create memories that are going to stay by you for long.

Thugs, Daryaganj

Thug is simply the best bar for guys given the name represents the raw attitude boys carry. Be it about the feel you get when you enter the bar or the taste you get when you sip through the beer, this is simply the best place for boys’night out.

We all have heard a lot of anthem and slogan talking and raising the voice of suppressed women but there are only few genuine entities that talk about boys and this is one of those places that represent the interests of boys in the best possible way.

The inspiringinterior, the raw beer and the food that tastes better than anything else in the world makes your memorable and fun filled.

Pocket Bar, Vasant Kunj

The dark red hue interior is not very inspiring but it coaxes you to have fun. This place seems like a replica of a hot Bollywood rave party. The exciting red hue based interior will coax you to go on the other end of extremism and have a lot of fun. Let the alcohol flow and experience the real bonhomie of your youthful days.

The good thing about this place is that they probably have the best Happy Hours deal in the town.The free alcohol will make your birthdays and evenings better and fun filled. Friends and colleagues are going to remember the event for long and will praise your selection of place for hanging out.

This is the difference that this place serves;apart of the great food and alcohol the fun interior makes you crazy and come here again and again.

4S Chinese Restaurant, Defence Colony Market

The Raw Bar looks and the best range of happy hour deals make this place worth all the time in this world. You can flock to this place with your boys and enjoy the best time of your lives. This place aims to serve the world with a new experience and not to be shocked, they certainly do!

4S Chinese Restaurant is for everyone who loves to have classic conversation over a mug of beer. You can find yourself a corner seat and enjoy the best of business development conversation or you can take the bar seat and engage yourself into a conversation with the bar tender.

We will rate this place as the best in the city for the cowboys and for the new drinkers. You get to taste the exquisite veg, non-veg delicacies at the best possible price.

Hospitality is just another thing that makes this place stand out of the crowd. The bright and welcoming smile at the door makes you come here again and again. Locate this place on the RepubliqIn app and invite all your boys to make it the best night out.

Urban Hub, Near Kamla Nagar

The most pocket friendly bar for boys in the city; frequented mostly by college goers, this is the best place to chill;boys can sing here to the best of their voice and nobody will complain about (given everyone else is doing the same!). The pocket friendly Alcohol menu will force you to experiment with your drink; you can enjoy access to the cheapest of beer and get as high as you want to.

Easily accessible from the local market this is the place to be at for everyone. You can flock here with your band and find the requisite comfort. The soothing taste of alcohol and the lovely kababs served here are going to make you come here again and again.

The cool hospitality and the lovely way of treating of treating people with smiles will make you love this place.

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RepubliqIn not only helps you find the best pub and bars but also helps you save a lot of money. With this cool app, you can locate the bar, share the location with your friends and can also click cool pictures and treasure the memories.



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