Top 5 Local Wine Bars in Delhi

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At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is Taste. It is the exquisite taste of wine that will stay with you forever. You are always prone to missing onto the memories of having fun with friends and family but the taste of wine is going to be there for life-long.

Gone are the days when wining and dinning where about status, in the contemporary world, they are about the way you want to spend your life. The changed nuances have forced people to do things, which were once a luxury, in order to survive.

A lot of people may disagree that wine is not for everyday but IT IS and that is why hundreds of wine bars are doing so good in a city like Delhi. Here we bring to you the best wine bars.

These top 5 local wine bars are going to win your heart and will leave you with an incomparable experience.

Le Cirque

You simply cannot sit on a table and enjoy wine just the way you enjoy beer. Wine needs to be celebrated and you need to do it with loads of light and happiness all around. Le Cirque is one of the finest wine bars in the capital city of India.

The beautifully done interior and the impressive service are going to enamor you for a lifelong. This is probably the best place in the city to host romantic dinners. Take out your loved one and make her feel better and better. The option to select the wine from the remotest corners of the world will spoil you. You will never be able to retain yourself from visiting this place and making the most of the exquisite nights. The place is quite affordable, you can grab a glass of wine for 600-800 INR.

Diva-The Italian Restaurant

Italy has always been famous for Pizza and Wines. While we all know how good Italian Pizza tastes now it is time for us to experience the sweet taste of Italian Wine. 

Diva-The Italian Restaurant brings to you the best wines. You can experience the sweet taste and also know how beautiful life is. The sweet service and the impressive decoration are going to win your heart and will leave you with exquisite memories. This is one place where you can be with your boss, girlfriend and also with your family members.

The cheap wine will make you save a lot on every glass that you gulp in. Use RepubliqIn app for making it memorable and entertaining. The approximate range of wine starts from 400-600 INR. The sweet taste of wine and the easy on pocket bills will make you come here again and again!

Indian Accent

The exquisite wine and the Indian taste of hospitality will make you go Wow! This is simply the best wine bar in whole of Delhi. You will never find such an amazing place to be at in Delhi. The Indian hospitality and the foreign taste of wine will leverage you with a unique experience. The changed nuances of life needs some refreshment and this place has that unique entity.

This place is cheap like hell; you can grab a glass of wine for 450 INR. Come here with your family or with the loved ones and experience the unique hospitality will win your heart. The simple ambience and the lovable food will make your evening better.

Indian Accent should be your first hand experience of tasting wine. This place beats all the overpriced wine bars and restaurants in the city.


It is the hottest property when it comes to hosting romantic and important dinners. The impressively done interior and the extreme match between the styling will make your evening a memory. This place is going to add up to your life and will help you turn things in your favor. Host a business or a romantic dinner here and I guess no one will ever refuse your proposal.

Set’Z is different from the other wine bars in Delhi because of its amazing color selection and unique way of treating customers. The quality service, sweet food and the best wine will make a place in your heart and you will be compelled to come here again and again.


Situated at The Lalit, 24/7 is a rage among wine gulpers. People have developed a taste about wine and now they are willing to do everything it takes to satisfy their needs. The desire of all such people will definitely be served at this wine bar.

The Lalit ensures an amazing hospitality for everyone visiting. They have worked hard and have developed a portfolio that allows people to believe in them. The amazing range of wine you get to taste here is incomparable; you can enjoy the foreign as well as local wine. The taste you will experience here is the best and simply unavailable at any other place.

A lot of people may disagree that wine is not for everyday but IT IS and that is why hundreds of wine bars are doing so good in a city like Delhi. Here we bring to you the best wine bars.

Love for wine is growing and people from the different verticals of life are now looking onto the bigger picture. All of them are aiming to acquire experiences that will last forever. Here we have listed five local wine bars that help you understand the real magic behind wine. RepubliqIn not only helps you find the best pub and bars but also helps you save a lot of money. With this cool app, you can locate the bar, share the location with your friends and can also click cool pictures and treasure the memories.

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