Top 5 Birthday Bars in Delhi

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Birthdays are no more the day when people used to cut cakes and rejoice, things have changed and people today know how to party and what better day than the Birthday itself? The contemporary India just needs a point to party. The growing party culture is also good for the economy. Apart of that International players loads of indigenous brands have also come up and are providing great services.

The world around us is changing and it is having an effect on the people as well. Birthdays are simply the best time of the year because it is this day when you can be brazen and barbaric and can enjoy your life to the fullest.

The desire to celebrate birthdays and throwing a grand party is very common in the young age. While a lot of people are willing to spend good amount of money celebrating birthdays there are only few who have been able to find a pub or a bar that serves with the opportunity.

Top 5 birthday bars in Delhi that offers great entertainment opportunities and memorable options are:

Social Bar

Located at one of the prime locations of Hauz Khas, this amazing place will serve you with umpteen numbers of opportunities to celebrate birthday. The exquisite interior and the evergreen rooftop will make you fall in love with the lake view. Birthdays are going to be memorable here; you can sit by the side of lake and experience the best of life and nature.

Every challenge seems to vanish at this place because you have easier access to alcohol, exquisite food and lovely cake. Birthdays can be fun here because the place is quite large and allows everyone to have his or her own space and enjoy to the fullest.


The brilliant outdoor and the sunshine over your head will make your birthday a special feel. Life is going to be better here, all you need to do is invite all your friends and make the most of this place. The lovely sun, the proper food and the amazing party atmosphere will turn your birthday memorable and fun.

Imperfecto may sound something related to imperfect but it is just the perfect destination to celebrate your birthday and create some exquisite memories. The good food and the lovely alcohol served here will make your life look better than ever. The amazing atmosphere and the electric panache of the arena will add new dimensions to your life.

Birthdays are going to be fun here because the open-airplace will keep the mood light and the alcohol flowing?


This is the coolest rooftop lounge you will come across in the whole of Delhi. The free restaurant here will help you make your look prettier and perfect. You will be able to create some memories that will last forever with you. Situated in the heart of Connaught place this is a rage among youth and party poppers. People from the remotest corners of Delhi come here to celebrate birthdays and enjoy free time. This is probably one of the best places to celebrate birthdays because of amazing atmosphere and the cool beer that is served here.

One of the USP of this exquisite place is its cheap alcohol. People flock to this place because of the chilled beer served at the right price. Cheap beer seems to be one of the main crowd puller; people come here from all the verticals of the town here to have fun.


The proper decoration and the classic hospitality will make you fall in love with this place. With this place as your party destination, you will not have to worry about the decoration or about the pictures. You can stand anywhere and click exquisite photos. The intricately done decoration is going to make people fall in love. The well-developed interior and the impromptu menu will make your party a memory.

Years down the line people will appreciate the amazing efforts you did to make your party happening and fun. It is that time of the years when you can go ahead and throw parties that are going to go down in history.

Amour surely is the perfect birthday destination, you can be carefree and you can aim to be the coolest person with the coolest parties in your satchel.

Sky Bar

Going with the name you can guess it really well that this is an open terrace place. People love to be here at night because of the sweet breeze that flows across the place and makes your evenings memorable. The limited number of seats is a problem but if you can book things in advance then you can enjoy your birthdays with great ease.

Sky Bar brings to you aura of fun and entertainment. The alcohol and the quality beer served here will make you high and will add the requisite entertainment to the evening. You can be in your own mood and care very less. The restaurant people are going to manage everything for you, all you need to do is pay them right at the right time.

Birthdays should always be celebrated with a lot of energy and passion; we should never compromise on the efforts we tend to put up for our birthday parties. We all can care less and enjoy more with these places caring for the organization of the party.

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Life is going to throw a lot of challenges, you will have to stand strong and face all of them with strength. Organizing a birthday party is no less than winning a war with these bars you can go ahead and make the most of your birthday.

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