Top 10 Bars to Throw a Holiday Party

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Delhi is the only city in India where partying is not a luxury but a necessity. People here work hard through the week to be at peace during the weekend. The changed paradigms are helping people lead better lives; people are now able to concentrate on real fun things in life. Going out with friends and making the most of holidays have changed the way people tackle stress. Today managing stress is easier and people of Delhi are master at it.

Delhi is probably the only city in the country, which has varied pubs for varied events like birthdays, boys’ night out and for girls’ night out. Not only that Delhi keeps coming up with new ways of leveraging the much-required freshness to the working class.

Here we discuss top ten bars throw a Holiday Party in Delhi, some of these are nightclubs while a lot of them are classy pubs with a pool to hang around:

Hybrid, Janpath

Going by the name, this place gives you a mixture of thrill, excitement and class. You can be raunchy with the flowing alcohol and be classy with the exquisite food. At Hybrid one always have a choice; you can make it the most happening or the most memorable night of your life. Come here with friends, boss or life partners and leverage your relationship with a new direction. Start the good things in your life from this place.

Hybrid is simply the best holiday party destination because you can linger around with friends and enjoy a variety of exquisite food that is served here. You need not to compromise on your choices; the abundant menu will satisfy your appetite.

Kitty Su, The Lalit

Nothing is going to beat the class of this place. Part of India’s one of the most reputed Hotel Chain; Kitty Su is always up for a party. You can use the venue for celebrating the most happening days of your life. Go ahead, invite all your friends and spend your holiday partying at this pub. The impressive range of alcohol and the enamoring continental food served here is going to make your nightfun filled.

The warm hospitality and the touch of Indian Culture make you feel proud and express your views vocally. The staffs here are always eager to make your experience better and better. You can rely on them and be sure that your party is going to be the best.

Lanterns Kitchen and Bar, Rajendra Place

Come here and experience the most beautifully donebar in the whole of Delhi. The Lanterns Kitchen and Bar have raised the standard for sure. The properly illuminated interior, the smartly done bar and the unique combination of Chinese and North Indian menu will make you drool. 

Here is the perfect option for celebrating holidays. Enjoy the relaxed days of your life at a properly lit bar with loads of ice in your whisky.

Social, Hauz Khas

Holidays mean comfort and relaxation. Social is one of the best places to be at if you are looking to relax while enjoying access to the best of alcohol and food.

Social leverages you with options to choose from, you can sit on the open roof by the side of lake and enjoy the best of beer or you can prefer a cozy interior and get to know your partner better.

The uniquely done interior and the theme of Socialization make this place a rage among youth. They love being at a place that has the language they use as their trademark. You can find little bottles of beer and alcohol served here with raunchy things written on them.

Bulldogs, Hauz Khas

The perfect place for boys to go out in gang and enjoy their holidays; they can be here in groups and feel related to the place and lovely name. The place has developed a unique identity among the youth. Access to cheap beer and tasty food is what make boys come here again and again. This is the place to be at today, tomorrow and everyday of your life.

Stellar-The Ashok, Chankyapuri

The hanging chandeliers and the red hue interior will make you go Wow! This is the place for every person who loves different things. This place is going to break the stereotyped way of party. One can always hang around this place with friends and family and make memories that will last forever and ever.

This place is going to create a difference in our partying routine, at first a lot of us may not like the change but be sure that this place is going to get on your mind.

The Blue Bar- Taj Palace Hotel

Expensive, classy and exquisite are the three words that define this place the best. You can be here with your wallet full of money and still fail to enjoy to the maximum. The lovely and diverse menu and the awesome hospitality are worth all your money.

Aqua-The Park, Connaught Place

The father of all places when it comes to entertainment, the alcohol, the food and everything else is secondary because interior is one thing that will make you fall in love with this place.

You will never be able to stop yourself from coming to this place again and again. This is the place to be at with all your friends and colleagues to celebrate holidays.

Underdogs Sports Bar and Grills

Be it a gang of boys or a lovely group of ladies, this place has space for everyone. You can always tune into this place with friends whenever there is a match and enjoy the best times of your life. No matter you win or you lose, this place is going to make your stay fun filled and entertaining. You can also join the stage with your family and sing some of your favorite Bollywood songs to the best of your voice.

The Leela, NCR

Class, experience and fun you get everything at this amazing place. This place leverages you with an experience you have always been longing for. Do not let your wishes die, go out and make the most of your holidays. This place ensures that you get to enjoy the best of comfort and also the best of alcohol.

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