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Nightlife of Delhi is a buzzing affair with a wide assortment of exclusive lounges, trendy bars, lively discotheques, beer pubs and wine bars to select from. With number of customers increasing with the passing years, pubs and bars have much to offer with celebrity DJs, live music, dazzling dance floors, lip smacking cuisines, well-stacked bars and more. Delhi promises of many cool places to its customers and you are guaranteed of a memorable evening every time you visit its popular and classy bars and pubs.
If you are a hard core party animal or looking for a placid, relaxing ambience, this city offers much to its nocturnal visitors. The partying joints are full even in the wee hours and there is a high variety of pubs, cafes, cocktail clubs, discos and restaurants to choose from which are speckled throughout the city. You can select a hangout of your choice on the basis of the occasion and celebrate a special evening with your loved one at one of the best venues in the metropolis.
Partying at Delhi means drinking great concoctions, nibbling fine delicacies and grooving to fine music. The city’s haunts not only have a fine collection of music for partiers to groove but also organise special DJ nights with popular jocks from around the world. With amazing kinds of modern music like hip hop, trance, jazz and even classical taking the country by storm, Delhi is also swaying to the rhythm. Twirl with your partner to enchanting background scores or dance crazy with your friends as the capital city is a hub of the most happening discotheques and night-clubs.
With many resto-bars launching innovative themes and approaches to drinks, music and food, Delhi’s nightlife looks more promising than ever. A hangout at the nightclubs with your college mates is not limited to just dancing and drinking, but can be much more enthusiastic with the clubs and bars arranging to much more actions for the party goers.
Platters of amazing food and endless flow of delightful swills, the options are unending at the clubs in Delhi. These places attract the local customers as well as worldwide tourists alike. The international level of standards of the clubs and bars of Delhi offer a secure and pleasant setting for resident and abroad visitors equally.  The pubs, discotheques and lounges do not allow stag entry where a man would be unaccompanied by a woman. This concept may offer a much more comfortable ambience for couples and women.
The happy hours with its amazing discounts and deals as well as buy one get one offer lure visitors from all parts. This inexpensive and interesting idea engages the public massively. The lounge bars with unwinding music has also become popular with the customers.
Apart from the usual crowd of frequenters, the elite lounges and bars appeal to celebrities and personalities where they can hang out in private and enjoy to the core. With private cubicles and reserved areas, these places attract individuals from the celebrity world.
With the Republiqin mobile application, one can always explore the best themed restaurants, bars and pubs in Delhi with great ease. You can easily decide the most suitable place for your dinner date, reunion, candle light dinner, birthday party, get together and much more with the help of this application.
This pub and bar finder application also allows you to find the prices of the food, beverage and other facilities provided at the place of your choice. This would help you to analyse and decide based on the budget as well as the ambience of the hangout. All categories of themed restaurants have been updated in Republiqin mobile application and you can explore the nearest one to you based on our distance indicator and map.



Locate a perfect bar to get-together with your friends. RepubliqIn App offers a quick way of locating nearest and pocket-friendly bars offering Happy Hours.


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