Why should Men have all the fun???

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It’s time Women get to have the party! 
And RePubLiqIn mobile application is here to make it more fun.

What women want has always been an intriguing question. And it prevails even when we are talking about bars, pubs and clubs and how the environment can be made more appealing to both genders. Nothing is better than chilling out after a long day after work – at office or home. Finding a bar, pub or club that appeals to your choice of concoction and ambience can be a challenge. RePubLiqIn mobile application with its various superlative features allows you to locate nearest, reasonable pubs, bars or club that are amenable also to the ladies. The RePubLiqIn mobile application offers facets such as Bar Finder, Bar Type Selector, Location Predictor, Open Timings, Happy Hours to name a few. Soon to be released functionalities include Promotional Menus, Check-Ins, Friend Finder, Ambiance Selector, Crowd Predictor, SOS Alert, Pink Cab Finder, and much more.

SOS Alert System
With the soon-to-be-launched SOS alert feature, RePubLiqIn app offers a safety tool not only for women but also for anyone using the app. This functionality allows you to act against any kind of adverse situation by tracking your location and sending distress call to selected contacts on your mobile phone.

Pink Cab Finder
Planning to party till late night but commuting home poses a problem? RePubLiqIn’s soon to be launched service “Pink Cab” would ensure that only the cabs which are driven by female drivers are booked for your ride home.

Check-Ins and Ambience Predictor
Check-in functionality allows you to keep track of your bar and pubs that appeal you and that you visit more often. At the same time, it helps us analyse the kind of gathering a place has and helps us predict the fun time you can have at any particular location at any specific time of the day. We call it Ambience Predictor. 

Along with all these soon to be launched features, you can already check the open timings, menu, pricings, happy hours, directions, contact information, and more. With the RePubLiqIn Mobile App, one can always explore the best bars, clubs, discotheques, resto-bars, and pubs in Delhi with great ease.

Stay tuned for more…..
Respect. Indulge in Happiness. Re.Pub.Liq.In.
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