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The glamour and flavors of cocktail bars in India are trending among the urban crowd at a wild pace. The unique potions created by mixologists with different spirits paired with spices, herbs, homemade syrups and more offer multitude of flavour to the masses. Republiqin is an exclusive mobile application which helps find the popular and lesser known pubs and bars in your proximity. You can easily find the most happening cocktail bar near your location with this mobile application.

Cocktail Bar by Kipling, Chennai
The cocktail journey of Chennai can very well be said to have started with the Cocktail Bar by Kipling which serves delicious assortment of the infused and flavourful spirit. This cocktail bar specialises in a stirring array of cocktails and superior blends. The refreshing mojitos, margaritas, cosmopolitans are just starting point of an immense list along with exclusive collection of wines, vodka, single malt and scotch whiskey. The live music on weekend add to the ambience and appeal the crowd.

Chronicle, Goa
The five level space at Chronicle includes the cocktail bar along with restaurant and open dance floor. Unwind and relax as the sun goes down with a couple of refreshing cocktails crafted by creative mixologists. The scrumptious finger foods are yet another delight awaiting the visitors. The open spaces, exquisite music, weekly parties, bar nights and more are some of the X factors of this spot.

The Big Kahuna, Bangalore
The Tiki culture inspired cocktail bar, The Big Kahuna, serves an assortment of peppy concoctions which are a festival of flavours to your palate. With more than 40 signature cocktails, ultra-delicious cuisines of the world, the breezy rooftop setting, this watering hub is here to rock.

Lost Society Cocktail Bar, Hyderabad
The cocktail bar and lounge is also one of the first in the city and serves some of the best relished classic and innovative melange of spirits, juices, spices, herbs and more. Apart from these, this bar also offers choicest wines, rum, vodka, champagne and more. The ambience is high class with live match screenings, lounge music, DJ setup and everything that caters to the diner’s entertainment.

Masala Bar, Mumbai
The cult status of all cocktail bars in the busy city of Mumbai can be said to be set by Masala Bar. The traditional infusions made from conventional ingredients of our subcontinent – from cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, basil, camphor and further more - are served at the bar to its highly thrilled crowd. Many of the ‘post-molecular’ drinks have smoke components which when inhaled enhances the taste of the drink to an extraordinary level. The bar menu cries out loud about the Bollywood Bhang, Sunset @Carter, Evening at Chowpati – the special concoctions made by in house mixologists.

The Factory Outlet, Kolkata
This ultimate cocktail destination with its fascinating ambience and retro feel offers the finest conventional as well as inventive alcohol concoctions to its guests. This fascinating cocktail bar at Camac Street always comes up with something special such as Bubblegum Candy Floss Mojito, Baked Expresso Martini, Burnt Orange and more on which you can place your best bets. Apart from fancy mixes and delicious cuisines, the bar also boasts of a lengthy list of various brands of whisky.

Cocktails & Dreams, New Delhi
Reviving the 1920’s concept of SpeakEasy bars in America and cloaked the same way, this cocktail bar serves mind stupefying mixologist creations to its diners. Looking very much the part of a hidden night club, complete with a prison gate entry and warnings. There is however nothing murky about the interior and is in fact stylish with all the gleaming counters and other decors. Live bands, luscious brews and blends called Fog Horn, Blueberry Bramble, and such along with finger licking good food, makes this place a true refuge for cocktail lovers. 

Republiqin mobile application allows you to find the best cocktail bars in India in whichever city you are with great ease. The cocktail bars are one of the best ways to spend your evening with your buddies, family or love. 



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