Find Exquisite Sports Bars to Hang-Out, While At Bangalore, With Republiqin

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Sports of any sort has always being a rage among youngsters and elders alike; Bangalore has many sports bars to cater to this interest through live screenings, ever flowing beers and other involvements. Finding such spots are not a hassle anymore with Republiqin, a unique mobile application which helps find all kinds of sport pubs around Bangalore. Some of the finest sports bars in your favourite Bengaluru serving some of the best food and drinks menu have been mentioned below:
Xtreme Sports Bar
During game nights, which is often, this sports bar is the ultimate hangout for sport enthusiasts. The club is an absolute riot with constant cheering and chanting; which makes it the ultimate place to be with great food and drinks. 
Where: HAL 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar
Price: INR 1,400 for two
Timings: Sunday-Thursday, 12PM – 11PM and Friday-Saturday, 12PM – 1AM

Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill
Well flourished with huge screens and constant applauding, Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill will give you the actual feeling of being at a stadium only with better ambience and constant supply of delicious cuisine and fine tasting beverages. If you are missing too much on the crisps and coca-cola, Underdoggs serves even better with sport-themed menu like Leander Pae’s Pav, Tendulkar Aila Pav, Halftime Aloo Tikki, Mary Kom Cooler, Novak Slicer and more.
Where: 55, 2nd Floor, 19th Main Road J P Nagar, 2nd Phase
Price: INR 1,800 for two
Timings: Monday to Friday, 12PM – 11:30PM and Saturday to Sunday, 12PM – 12AM

Puma Social Club
This is best sportsbar and restaurant, which is not only the best place to watch the match of the day but also play some of your choice games such as pool. Puma Social is a perfect spot to get together with your friends over a match, while relaxing over great food and drinks.
Where: HAL 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar
Price: INR 1,600 for two
Timings: Sunday-Thursday, 12PM – 11:30PM and Friday-Saturday, 12PM – 1AM


Get the feeling that you are watching a game somewhere in a pub in London, when actually you are at Bangalore. The place gets crowded as quickly as a match is on the roll. The finger food is exquisite and the concoctions vary from the basic beer to fancy cocktails.
Where: Lavelle Road, Bengaluru
Price: INR 1,200 for two
Timings: Monday-Sunday, 10AM – 1AM

RepubliqIn helps you find the best sports pub and bars in Bangalore to cheer and have a great time with your friends and discuss sports to your fill. This cool app will help you find the most nearest and economical bar, so that you and your group have a great evening doing the thing you like to do the most - enjoying sports. RepubliqIn allows you to have a memorable time where you connect with others over sports.



Locate a perfect bar to get-together with your friends. RepubliqIn App offers a quick way of locating nearest and pocket-friendly bars offering Happy Hours.


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