Wine for Wellness & Other Stuffs!

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Add a glass of wine to your diet for wholesome well-being. This red coloured concoction can do you more good than bad – if you take it at a moderate level. This grape blend is always beneficial for your health in various ways. Apart from health benefits, there are countless other uses for wine in your household. Some such uses have been elaborated in this blog:

Health in Good Spirits
Drink for the heart
Certain varieties of red wine can lower bad cholesterol level and improve cardiovascular health. Being an antioxidant and having anti-inflammatory properties, wine deserves the credit to keep your heart well and pumping.

Brain Power
What more to say, wine especially red keeps your brain up and running by improving memory and cognitive sense. So drink (of course, moderately) to avoid Alzheimer’s is what scientists say.

Happy News – Diet with Wine
What would be better than to lose weight with the help of a glass of wine? Next time, schedule your acrobatics session along with a glass of wine. Just joking. But wine actually has the popularity of being waist friendly and in this case the white wine is much more effective than red.

Cancers have Oenophobia
From fighting common cold to avoiding cancer, these fermented juices are full of good effects. Three or four glasses in a week can help you keep fit.

Love Potion
One or two glasses of vino work wonders for your sex life as these are better aphrodisiacs and rectifies sexual health problems.

This fermented grape beverage can not only cope with major health issues but are also handy for basic household needs.
Cleaning Produce
Have a bottle of wine that does not suit your palate? Use it to rinse fruits, vegetables, meat and more to get rid of bacteria – as wine has antibacterial properties.

Wine Stain
The most dreaded dinner mishap – red wine spilled on your beautiful skirt or shirt - Well, the answer to this is white wine. Pour some over the stain and soak in it. Rinse after ten minutes with lukewarm water and the stain vanishes.

Life for Plants
Wine is earth friendly and a few drops can activate bacteria in your compost heap. Make your plants greener and healthier with this.

Wine is an unavoidable ingredient in various cuisines and enhances the flavour of even the blandest food.

Hence, opt to drink wine for better health and use leftovers (if any) for household needs. You can also find the best wine bars in your area with a new and unique bar and pub finder app, Republiqin. Search for menu, cost, timings and more with this app.



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